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Although separated by only a few hours of travel, and belonging to the same continent, Australia and New Zealand are very different countries. Both share a deep respect for nature, multicultural, hospitable citizens and preserved traditions from before the European discovery of the Southern Seas. As a destination, these great countries are preferred by travelers eager to discover the roots of the South Pacific civilizations, gourmet food and wine, untouched nature and rare flora and fauna.


Australia is translated in Latin as “Land in the Southern Seas.” Surrounded by both the Indian and Pacific Oceans, it is the smallest continent, yet sixth largest country in the world. Visions of this great land bring images of the Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef or the vast outback. Visitors eagerly await seeing the many species of indigenous wildlife such as the duck billed platypus or symbolic kangaroo.

Art, fashion, entertainment and culture come alive in urban Australian cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne. While outside these highly populated areas lie vast deserts alternated with evergreen eucalyptus forests, miles of private beaches and fish abundant waters. Most of the native Australians live in highly populated areas, which blend with surrounding nature and represent a multicultural mosaic of infrastructure and traditions.


Surrounded by the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is one of the cleanest countries in the world. Explore the well preserved nature and find green pastures, beautiful beaches, fiords, volcanoes, thermal pools, rain forests, glaciers and lakes. Interact with residents of this pristine country in both small towns and bustling cities alike. Epicureans delight with exquisite culinary and wine offerings. In the midst of modern civilization, indigenous culture and traditions flourish.

As one of the pioneers of creative tourism, New Zealand offers a totally immersive experience to arts and crafts. While in many countries learning the local crafts is an isolated and highly commercialized experience, in New Zealand, this is part of the traditions. Travelers are invited by local Maori to live, celebrate and create with them. Not only by making pieces of art, but by being a part of what they believe is the essence of life: the harmony between nature and humanity.

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