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More than five centuries have passed since Christopher Columbus officially discovered the Western Hemisphere. Still, for many people around the globe, it is “The New World.” A world of new cities and states, new explorations and endless possibilities. The Pre-Columbian civilizations of the Incas, Mayas, Mapuche, and many other great nations from the past add a mystic halo around the fast paced megalopolises of the modern Americas, vibrant with innovation, cultural life and progressive thinking.

For the cultural traveler, the Americas offer new discoveries and adventures beyond imagination. The accumulation of the local cultures of Native Americans, enriched by centuries of interaction with great European civilizations created an amazing wealth of cultural landscapes and experiences, exciting to every visitor. Epicurean tours to Peru to taste Andean cuisine or coffee and chocolate delights in Guatemala, are just two of the of the itineraries available from Cultural Crossroads.