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Join Cultural Crossroads as we savor the many sights, sounds and diverse experiences of Asia. Practice traditional Thai arts. Volunteer your time to local communities. Journey along the Karakoram highway, visiting nomads. The opportunities await you.

As the largest and most populated continent on earth, Asia, is a center, cradle and catalyst of civilizations dating from ancient times to this very day. The continent is a rich treasure to discover, holding the birthplace of ancient empires, religions, and modern economic models,. To people from all backgrounds, Asia has always offered something to be discovered. Something grand and magnificent, something small and charming, or something meaningful and spiritual.

Empires and religions have driven the accumulation of rich cultural heritage in all Asian destinations – from Mongolia to Jordan, and from Siberia to India. Discoveries from printing to dynamite, and from paper to anime cartoons, have produced a wealth of artifacts, sites and monuments to be seen and admired by the cultural traveler.

Incredibly beautiful nature, rich wildlife, breathtaking scenery and ancient ruins from virtually all important human civilizations alternate with ultra-modern cities, mystic temples, and high-mountain monasteries. The superb travel services and the proverbial warm hospitality of the Asian people make every visit to this continent a pleasurable and unforgettable journey.

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