Cultural Crossroads is an award-winning tour company specializing in outstanding, enriching cultural journeys to classic and exotic destinations.

Our tours have won awards from Condé Nast Traveler Magazine’s “Trips of a Lifetime” and by National Geographic Traveler Magazine’s “Tours of a Lifetime.”

We are committed to helping the environment and believe in sustainability. To help eliminate wasted paper and brochures, we post our itineraries online and/or email them to you.

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Our Featured Tours

Comments From Our Past Travelers

  • Many thanks for an absolutely wonderful trip to Ireland. My heart will sing for a long time given all the joy I felt these 9 days.
    Warmly, Chris B
  • In 2011, National Geographic Traveler Magazine wrote of the trips for their “Trips of a Lifetime”: “Culled from thousands of tours worldwide, these are the antidote to the average – all offered by outfitters with solid reputations. They offer a short but deep dive into far flung cultures and transformative experiences.”   Cultural Crossroads is proud to be one of those companies and to have won the honor 5 times.
  • VPR's Egypt trip was a spectacular success… Carrie McDougall did a fantastic job running the trip. She selected a formidably skilled Egyptologist, to accompany ensure everything happened without a hitch…I need to say that Carrie exceeded even my expectations….
    Christopher Wren
    VPR commentator and Former New Your Times Bureau Chief in Egypt
  • I spent a couple of weeks (in Ireland)... that Carrie organized and led. Her equanimity was remarkable, her ability to sense the mood of a diverse group of people extraordinary, and her willingness to adapt to unforeseen circumstances showed the mark of a true pro. She's a delight to work with and it's noticeable how much she likes what she does for a living.
    Kevin Cullen
    The Boston Globe
  • A wonderful first class guided tour of ancient and modern Sicily with a five star culinary experience of a lifetime. An adventure not to be missed!
    Terri N
  • Wowwowowow what an amazing fantastic trip we had to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Everything worked out so well. Really can't tell you how special it was. Thank you for all your help.
    Jan S.
  • My stay in Jordan was nothing short of glorious…I know all this would not have been possible without your expertise, commitment to excellence and dedication....My heart was lighter just knowing I was in such good hands...This was one of my life's peak experiences, and I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to entrust it to the best.
    Sue M
    East Dorset, VT
  • What a delight it is to be working with you on another VPR Citizens of the World trip! Our listeners are discerning travelers, and they consistently rave about how well Cultural Crossroads tours are planned and executed. Thank you for your travel expertise, amazing overseas connections and excellent customer service. All best, Ty
    (Ms.) Ty Robertson
    Special Events Coordinator
    Vermont Public Radio
  • Every detail and destination is exquisitely selected and vetted.   Each guide and host exuded warmth, comfort, pride and knowledge.  Simultaneously intimate and adventurous; like traveling with old friends.
    Nancy G.
  • I cannot fully describe to you how sublime our trip turned out to be! First, to have everything, down to the last detail, taken care of meant that I was free to relax and enjoy every moment. Second,…our guide made all the difference…I cannot praise her too highly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have already spread your name and Cultural Crossroads broadly and will continue to do so. You gave us a gift of boundless value.
    Mary Jane Dickerson
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Looking for an experience of a lifetime?

Cultural crossroads can help you fulfill your dream.

Why Cultural Crossroads?

One of a Kind Itineraries

Our tailor-made tours are perfect for individuals, multi-generational families, small groups and non-profit organizations. Travelers are connected to people and places through unique events and one of a kind experiences. Cultures and customs, such as dance, art, music, food and wine are brought to life through interactions with locals residents.

Award Winning Services

Cultural Crossroads has been recognized globally for their unique and creative tours by National Geographic, “50 Tours of a Lifetime” and Condé Nast Traveler Magazine, “50 Trips of a Lifetime.”

Commitment to our World

Each of our tours is designed to support cultural and indigenous traditions, education, and economic programs in the countries where we travel. Many of our tours include portions of the proceeds donated to organizations that support women and children. In addition, Cultural Crossroads proudly supports sustainable community projects in the places where we travel.